BF330S (To Replace BW320) Wobble Laser Welding Head

Power rating 2KW; Wobble welding feature by galvo system;

  • Features
  • Technical Data
  • Various wobbling paths like continuous circle, continuous line, spot weld circle, spot weld line, C type and S type.

  • Both internal control and external control mode.

  • CCD or laser vision seam tracking interface is optional for expanding of function.

  • Strengthened melting pool could be acquired comparing to standard welding.

  • To increase melting width, gas adaptability and reduce seam defects.

  • Smooth and efficient fluid structure to obtain the best protection to melting pool.

Fiber Interface


Assist Gas Pressure


Clear Aperture



- Air Knife

≤6 bar

Collimator Focal Length

75mm, 100mm, 150mm


- Air Protection

10-25 L/min

Focusing Focal Length




~3.2 kg

Wobble Frequency

≤1500Hz (Depends on the wobble diameter)


Optional Tip Components

Side Blow / Coaxial Nozzle

Cover Glass




- Collimation Side (Top)




- Focusing Side (Bottom)